Richard Aked

Richard Aked, co-founder of SpaceApplications Services

Leif Steinicke

Leif Steinicke, co-founder of SpaceApplications Services

The company is one of the rare space oriented companies owned and managed by its founders, Mr Richard Aked and Mr Leif Steinicke. Today, the company employs close to 90 staff. The company promotes team spirit, the sharing of knowledge and know-how, creativity and mutual respect.

We are dedicated to high quality work, long-term supplier and, exceptional, customer relations. The company encourages an “open-door” yet focused atmosphere and we work in a spirit of respect for each other, recognition of what has been accomplished and adherence to agreements of what has to be achieved. We have a pleasant professional and productive work environment. The company supports social, sport and whole company team building events. Staff wellness is also part of the picture: we feature our own fitness room facilities and promote company hikes for common training as well as healthy eating at work (free fruit and seasonal soup and salad). The company engenders a focused and ethical entrepreneurial spirit.

Our company is characterised by an atmosphere of pride in our achievements, commitment and teamwork. We stimulate self-realisation and from a human perspective we aim of being part of a successful and innovative enterprise.

As a member of the company, you are encouraged to contribute at all levels. You will have the opportunity to learn and increase your knowledge and capabilities and steer your career in various directions and among our different work locations as opportunities arise.

Staff have a broad progressive benefit package as well as professional development opportunities.

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