Robot Control Systems

Space Applications Services has been developing robotic systems for more than 10 years. Always at the forefront of technology developments, Space Applications Services offers tailored robotic systems engineering for applications including space exploration, human assistance and rehabilitation, search and rescue.

With scientific expertise in multiple robotic technologies including wearable exoskeletons (rehabilitation, telemanipulation), autonomous navigation (UGVs), human robot interfaces, robotic operating systems and middlewares (ROS, ROCK, OROCOS), simulation (Gazebo, OpenSIM), etc. we can provide solutions incorporating force feedback anthropomorphic arm and hands exoskeletons for training (simulation environment interfacing) and for telemanipulation (bilateral master/slave control).

Interoperable robot control stations have been developed for UAVs, UGVs (including mobile manipulators) and USVs for intervention in hazardous or underwater environments.

Space Applications Services can provide design (CAD, FEA), manufacturing, assembly, integration and testing of innovative robotic solutions.