Announcement of Opportunity

The MOONWALK consortium has released 30 April 2015 the call for research proposals to be conducted in association with the simulation activities of MOONWALK which will take place in the first half of 2016.

Project MOONWALK is a 3-year cooperative Research & Development project funded by the European Commission under the Space theme of the 7th Framework Programme which compares the performance of different compositions of astronaut-robot teams over multiple tasks and operational scenarios, in two Analogue environments.  

MOONWALK develops a new planetary rover, an EVA astronaut training suit for future surface Extra-Vehicular Activities (EVA) on Moon or Mars involving geological soil sampling, field exploration, and astrobiology activities, an EVA information system, and a Control Centre for international analogue simulations.

MOONWALK will conduct Earth-Analogue simulations to test this new hardware and various EVA scenarios at the Subsea Marseilles Lunar Analogue site in France and Rio Tinto Mars Analogue site in Spain in preparation for future human and robotic mission to Moon and to Mars. The Marseilles site simulates the reduced gravity conditions of the Moon; the Rio Tinto site simulates Martian terrain conditions and facilitates astrobiological studies. A Mission Control Team in the international analogue Mission Control Centre in Brussels will direct the simulated operations.

Researchers are invited to submit experiments focused on human and/or robotic exploration of the Moon and/or Mars. Experiments can profit from MOONWALK simulations and can take advantage of hardware and infrastructural resources MOONWALK offers access.

Download the AO here.

The deadline for experiment proposal submissions is:
31 October 2015 23:59 CEST