ICARUS @ euRathlon 2015

As a part of the ICARUS team, Space Applications Services recently participated in the euRathlon-2015 robotics challenge involving Land, Air and Marine domains for Search and Rescue (link1, link2 ). This was touted as the world's first multi-domain challenge for robots and an extension to the DARPA Humanoid robotics challenge.
A total of 16 teams from across the world (mostly EU) with around 40 robots participated in 6 sub-challenges and 1 grand challenge. The winners of the DARPA contest were also present to showcase their advanced Humanoids - Hubo and Walkman
Our team came Second in the final 'Grand challenge' which involved simultaneous land, air and marine operations conducted within a span of 100 minutes. We also rated high and won prices in the sub-challenges:
  1. Grand Challenge: Second
  2. Air: Aerial Mapping and Detection: First
  3. Land: Valve(s) manipulation: Second
  4. (Land +Air) : Survey the building and search for a missing worker: Second
  5. (Land + Sea) : Stem the leak: Second.
  6. Texas Instruments Special Prizes for Innovation: First (for Aerial only). 
  7. IEEE Autonomy Prize: First 
  8. IEEE Multi-Robot Collaboration Prize: First

Interesting videos of our participation: