LUVMI granted and kicked-off (H2020)

LUVMI granted and kicked-off (H2020)

LUVMI early concept (Credit: LUVMI consortium)

Space Applications Services is glad to lead and coordinate the freshly started LUVMI (LUnar Volatile Mobile Instrumentation) project that has been selected for funding in the EC H2020 COMPET-5-2016 call – “Scientific Instrumentation”.

The consortium also includes Technical University of Munich (Germany), The Open University (UK), Dynamic Imaging Analytics (UK) and OHB Systems AG (Germany).

LUVMI addresses the key priorities identified by the Lunar Exploration Advisory Group of the International Space Exploration Coordination Group in relation to the solar system exploration and will include an in situ sampling technology capable of depth-resolved extraction of volatiles packaged within the sample analyser itself, so as to maximise transfer efficiency and minimise sample handling and risk of sample alteration.

As a main objective, LUVMI will be designed specifically for operations at the South Pole of the Moon with a payload accommodated by a novel lightweight mobile platform (rover) with a range of several kilometers.

Over the 2 years duration of the project, the scientific instruments payload will be developed and validated up to TRL 6. LUVMI targets being ready for flight in 2020 on an ESA mission partially supported by private funding.