FSL Video Management Unit

Space Applications Services is proud to announce that it has been awarded by Airbus DS Bremen to design and develop a Video Management Unit Mark II (VMU2) for the ESA Fluid Science Laboratory (FSL).

The current contract  covers  the  specification,  design,  manufacture,  integration and flight  testing  of  a  fit-and-function  compatible  VMU.  This new VMU will mainly be built using COTS equipment, both space grade and industrial grade.

Space   Applications   Services   already   developed  and  built  technology demonstrators for the ISS in the past, but this is the first time the company will develop an ISS infrastructure flight system. The work is performed with Centre  Spatial  de  Liège  (CSL), who are responsible for the mechanical and thermal  design, as well as for integration are qualification testing.

Space Applications  has  the  role  of  prime,  and  is responsible for the project management,  systems  engineering,  COTS qualification, software engineering, procurement, and functional/interface/performance testing.

The project started in October 2013, and will end in December 2015.  A Flight Model,  Engineering  Model,  Training  Model,  and  supporting Ground Support Equipment will be delivered.