Dexterous ROV

SpaceApps has recently kicked-off DexROV, a research project funded by the European Commission H2020 Blue Growth Initiative's call BG-6-2014: “Delivering the sub-sea technologies for new services at sea”. 

SpaceApps, coordinator of the project brings its expertise in technology developed in the space industry as well as its know-how for operations in critical environment. The partners associated to this project bring their specific expertise in the marine and subsea industry and in underwater robotics operations. 

DexROV provides a service for land based control of undersea remotely operated vehicles (ROV). 

DexROV will provide Europe with a cost effective capability to investigate and interact with the subsea environment, to test and maintain subsea structures and machinery, to construct subsea structures as well as to perform complex dexterous deep water operations. Current commercial  Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) solutions cannot offer dexterous manipulation capabilities that future subsea services and industries will need. DexROV will develop advanced autonomous capabilities for ROV integrated with an innovative robotic bi-manipulator setup and dexterous end-effectors. 

DexROV will deliver a fully functional prototype solution that will be evaluated in realistic offshore conditions –at a representative sub sea facility mock-up located at 1,300 meters below sea level (oil industry).  

The results of this project should have a profound impact, on the long term, on the cost effective offshore operation of equipment and machines as well as for deep-sea mineral extraction, for obtaining energy from the ocean, aquaculture, exploration and observation.

EU_logoThis project is funded by the Horizon 2020 Framework Programme of the European Union.